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Why Field Sales Execution is Important for Brands

Thursday, November 16th | 11 am-12 pm ET

Join our upcoming webinar on the topic of "Why Field Sales Execution is Important for Brands" to gain valuable insights and strategies for boosting your brand's success in the field. Here are the key points we'll cover in this informative session:

Audience Diversity: Learn about the various roles that can benefit from effective field sales execution, ranging from startup brands to major distributors. Discover how field sales strategies can be tailored to meet your brand's unique needs.

Urban Focus: Understand why field sales in major cities like New York are critical for brand success. Explore the opportunities and challenges of urban markets and how to navigate them effectively.

Real-Life Success Story: Dive into a real-life example of a brand that achieved remarkable growth, reaching $2 million in revenue solely through self-distribution. Gain valuable insights from the experience of SimplyDepo and learn from their journey.

Tool Exploration: Discover essential tools and technologies to supercharge your field sales efforts. Explore the latest advancements in the field and how they can streamline your operations.

Customer Collaboration: Learn how to improve collaboration with retail customers. Understand the importance of building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with retailers to drive sales and brand success.

Transparency Matters: Explore the significance of transparency in building and scaling your sales team's efforts. Learn how open and honest communication can foster trust and long-term success.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your brand's field sales strategies and drive growth. Join us for this engaging webinar and gain the knowledge and tools you need to thrive in the competitive world of field sales.


Alexander Kernishniuk, CEO at SimplyDepo

John Vasylets, Account Manager at SimplyDepo, Field Sales Executive at GNGR


  • Alexander Kernishniuk (COO at SimplyDepo)

    Alexander Kernishniuk

    COO at SimplyDepo


    Alexander brings 15 years of global business experience in developing companies from startup to maturity. Strategy, product development, and business operations were the focal points of Alexander's recent experiences managing companies in Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, and Germany. For US markets, Alexander has cultivated various B2C and B2B products serving millions of users.

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  • John Vasylets (Account Manager at SimplyDepo)

    John Vasylets

    Account Manager at SimplyDepo


    John has 5 years of experience working with offline and online retail. He has been a Head of Operations in the global fashion Brand Dia Dia. Has extensive experience as a Field Sales Rep in GNGR Labs and brings essential insights to the development team in SimplyDepo.

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