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Emerging wellness brands are performing better than ever, thanks to an increased interest in wellness in recent years. But knowing where their particular priorities lie will point natural brands in the direction of growth.

Wellness-minded consumers are looking for more than just high-quality food for themselves and their families. They are more mindful than ever about the products they use on their bodies, in their homes and even for their pets, and consider the social and environmental impact of every transaction.

Join us on December 15th to learn firsthand how to ride the new wave of wellness with an inside look at NielsenIQ's latest consumer research and market measurements insights. In this webinar, we'll share:

  • The latest in wellness shoppers' priorities and our big-picture predictions
  • An overview of total wellness, which includes protective wellness, aspirational wellness and altruistic wellness
  • How to leverage key trends and patterns with generational, multicultural and income-based nuances
  • Customized, complimentary data that will support your brand growth


  • Sherry Frey (VP, Total Wellness at NielsenIQ)

    Sherry Frey

    VP, Total Wellness at NielsenIQ


    Sherry Frey brings more than two decades of industry experience to her role as VP of Total Wellness at NielsenIQ. With a background in market research, innovation and consulting, she has elevated clients across the fresh, CPG and wellness industries, providing forward-thinking insights, combined with practical strategies. In addition to leading NielsenIQ’s Total Wellness team and industry engagement, Frey has been a featured speaker at many national and international industry events and is often sought as a media and analyst resource on topics related to consumer health, wellness and environmental issues. Her view of health and wellness spans beyond personal health and wellness, encompassing how we collectively think about the health of the planet.

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  • Kelsey Michel (VP, Client Development at NielsenIQ)

    Kelsey Michel

    VP, Client Development at NielsenIQ


    Kelsey Michel has more than a decade of experience in market intelligence products that enable CPG retailers and manufacturers to optimize their performance, improve profitability and deliver ROI. She is passionate about helping companies use data as a strategic tool to advance their own business objectives and making data more accessible to companies of all sizes. Kelsey is our resident expert of NielsenIQ’s Byzzer Platform, which is a first-of-its-kind retail measurement solution built specifically to help small CPG manufacturers pinpoint exactly what they need to do to sell more. The NielsenIQ Byzzer platform enables small businesses to gain distribution, defend shelf space, and identify new growth opportunities by leveraging NielsenIQ’s world-class retailer data in an easy-to-use, affordable tool. Previously, Kelsey led NielsenIQ analytics solutions for retailers where she advised clients on how to optimize assortment, pricing, and promotion to grow sales and profit. She served as a trusted advisor, helping retailers evolve their day-to-day processes to feel more confident in their data-driven decisions. Outside of work, you can find Kelsey at a local farmers market or park with her busy family.

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