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How to Unlock Your Brand's Financial Superpower Presented by myPocketCFO

Tips for underdog brands to boost your financial prospects with suppliers, lenders, and investors.

Tuesday, November 14th | 2-3 pm ET

Let's admit it. When you are a small brand, no one takes you seriously. In this webinar, Alice Zhang, cofounder of myPocketCFO.com, will share hard-earned tips on how CPG brands with revenue less than $15M can boost your financial prospects with suppliers, lenders, and investors.

Topics to be discussed:

1. How to overcome "bias towards the small."

2. Key financial metrics a founder should know.

3. Storytelling backed by financial numbers is 10X more powerful.


  • Alice Zhang (Founder & CEO of myPocketCFO)

    Alice Zhang

    Founder & CEO of myPocketCFO


    Alice Zhang is the cofounder and CEO of myPocketCFO. She is passionate about making financials a superpower for CPG brand builders. She has a knack for “reading a founder’s story out of your financial statements.” Previously, she served as the CFO at Premise Data ($146M raised from Valor, Social Capital, and GV), and as a fractional CFO for several CPG brands. Prior, she worked as finance country head for Xerox's Greator China office and at McKinsey. Alice graduated from Wharton Business School with an MBA.

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