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From Rookie to MVP: Scaling Your Brand with Athlete Influencers

Thursday, September 14th | 12-1 pm ET

Join Laura Harding of OpenSponsorship and Jennifer Fontaine of Scale Media and 1MD as they unpack the intricacies of forging dynamic and mutually beneficial relationships with athlete influencers. As the health food sector continues to burgeon, setting your brand apart becomes imperative. Athletes, with their authentic reach and genuine lifestyle fit, present a golden opportunity.

During this session:

Deep Dive into Athlete-Brand Relationships: Unearth the foundational elements of cultivating a relationship that's more than just transactional. Laura and Eric will walk you through the progression of partnerships, illustrating the journey from introductory engagements to influential brand ambassadorships.

Growth Blueprint: Gain insights into how to leverage these athlete partnerships for brand growth. Explore how a well-matched athlete collaboration can elevate brand visibility, drive customer engagement, and bolster sales.

Longevity Matters: It's not just about the immediate campaign. Understand the nuances of nurturing long-term relationships with athletes, ensuring consistent brand representation and maximizing ROI over time.

Real-World Success Stories: Discover how other health brands have successfully scaled their presence with the right athlete collaborations, extracting lessons and strategies for your own brand's journey.

Be prepared to leave with a roadmap on transforming your brand's rookie partnerships into MVP-level collaborations, fostering trust, authenticity, and growth in the health food marketplace.


  • Laura Harding (Account Director of Opensponsorship)

    Laura Harding

    Account Director of Opensponsorship


    Laura is the Account Director at OpenSponsorship. She leads the Account Management team in their efforts to help brands create effective marketing campaigns with Athletes.

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  • Jennifer Fontaine (Creative Brand Manager at Scale Media)

    Jennifer Fontaine

    Creative Brand Manager at Scale Media


    As the Creative Brand Manager for 1MD, Jennifer leads all creative branding initiatives from concept to scale. She works cross-functionally on everything from product development to owning reputation management for this growing brand.

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